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Small Business Website Design

Every small business needs a custom website designed by a professional. That’s a sweeping statement, but it’s also a true statement. Small business website design is not any different from big business web design. In order to compete on a level playing field, small businesses today need to appear just as capable, established, professional and credible–as most of them are–with the bigger businesses. A larger business has more resources, more staff and more money to spend. They can afford to market their services to a scope that evades small business website design and marketing.

Small business website design requires the same elements that makes the big business websites great but on a budget.

Important Key Elements of a small business website design:

  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • Easy to search and find what you want
  • Engaging and informative quality content that is unique and creative.
  • Eye catching and custom designed for your brand –not one of the many cookie cutter template sites
  • Instill trust with a look and feel that matches the brand’s product or service offering
  • Ability to rank well on search engines to get noticed
  • Easy for internal staff to update content to stay current
  • Built to meet the individual small business website needs within budget but designed to be able to scale as the business grows

Small business website design and marketing is unique in that it needs to provide the smaller business the appearance and appeal of a larger site while still staying honest and ethical about who and what the small business is. This can usually be undertaken effectively by the use of creative content and custom website design by a consulting a professional.

Sometimes small businesses try to do web design on their own using a website template to save money but a custom website developed by a professional will save you time and money in the long run. I always say let the professionals do what they do best. I would never redo my electrical breaker box in my house; I leave that to my electrician. Just like he leaves me to do his small business website design and marketing. We both are better off and it’s a lot safer.

Small Business Website Design for Your Business

If you’re a small business owner today, your website is quite like your first line of marketing. It is a pivotal component in your brand recognition and your marketing to all of your customers. It may be where you gain most of your business and most of your visibility. Or, conversely, it may not be any of those things, in which case your website isn’t working as hard for you as it should be.

The key may well be in the design that you’re using, the inability to search quickly or the way in which the customer perceives you based on the design that you’re using.

The average small business owner who is budget-minded balks at the costs of a custom website design compared to the lower costs of utilizing a website template. An honest web design agency will tell you that their design costs are higher than the costs that might be incurred for a cookie cutter website template. The cost differentiation between the two are exactly that, you get what you pay for.

If your small business website is using a design that is seen hundreds, if not thousands of places online, your website falls to the ranks of the very small business in the minds of your prospective customers. If your design is fresh, unique to your brand and easy to navigate, it is, in the same minds, promoted to the ranking level of the capable and established, larger business appeal.

Custom small business website design provides a unique look and feel that will show the world what you’re all about and what differentiates you from the others. It enables your small business online to appear competitive with the larger businesses in the marketplace. Using testimonials from your customers in combination with a custom website design can provide an additional value-add that your competition might not be leveraging.

Get the look and feel that your company needs to grow online; a professional website that shows off who you are and what you can do.

Never Look Small!