Social Media Marketing-Friendly Site

A shared social community on your website is something that is vital in our society when it comes to developing your identity on the web and keeping your users involved and updated. Social media marketing continues to grow exponentially. It is super important to consider your options when developing your website design to be socially accessible.  The extensive growth of consumers using social media means opportunity for your site to grow and reach full potential.  Follow these steps to help your site grow and be more socially interactive to your visitors.

Step One – Keep Content Fresh and up to Date. Having a site that is consistent with updates is a way to build a relationship with your users.  This relationship develops because your user will always know they can rely on your site to have the newest information available.  By ensuring this trust with your users you will be able to develop your site as a reliable source, creating a strong platform for interaction.  Pull users in by updating things like products, and what other users are buying those products.  You may even want to enable reviews on your products. This allows your user to engage with the product and content on your site.

Step Two – Video/Photo These days we have easy access to recording video and taking pictures in the palm of our hands with smartphones and other devices that are a part of our daily lives.  With that being said, it is important to take advantage of that opportunity.  By uploading videos and pictures to your site or in your blog, your users become much more involved by using different senses to interact with your content.  This platform can open many doors with your users, allowing them to comment on videos and pictures, post their own testimonials, and overall become more engaged with your site and brand.

Step Three – Socialize your Content If you are selling products, posting blogs, or providing information you must take advantage of the social media marketing opportunities that are available, i.e.: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.  These resources will help bring new traffic to your site.  By simply adding a Facebook Like or Google +1 Button to your site, you are allowing your users to interact with your company and bring in new customers you may have never reached through other outlets.

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