2013 Social Media Marketing Review – What Does Your Strategy Look Like?

Now that 2013 is coming to an end, what have you done to improve your social media marketing in 2013? Social Media Marketing Review

It’s never too late to implement new strategies, and with 2014 on the horizon, here are 5 easy things you can do to get ahead of the curve as this year ends:

1. Review what you did this year. Whether it was just a little or a whole lot, give your strategy a full review. Look at your posts and follower engagement to see where there is room for improvement.

2. Set new targets for 2014. If you got 100 new followers in 2013, set loftier goals in 2014. Push to put out better content and engage followers in new ways. Set real, measurable goals and strive to meet them.

3. Humanize your posts. It still holds true, a picture is worth a thousand words. Video is worth even more. Use real images and videos on your posts created by your staff and see how well your followers react. It is a great way to engage followers and get them to resonate with your brand.

4. Get consistent. Make sure all of your online and offline marketing is consistent – even when it comes to your social media posts and images. If you have been out of line, it will only confuse your followers. Brand consistency is still important.

5. Get viral! Try to be creative and get your team together to create images or video that will go viral online. This will get you the most exposure and drive traffic and engagement (even if short lived). Viral content will boost the amount of followers you have and get people talking.

There are many easy things you can do in your social media strategy but the important thing is that you remain consistent in all channels. Your social media marketing review for this year should be thorough so that when the new year begins, you know where you can be most effective.

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