New Targeting on Facebook Ads – A Real Asset to Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Facebook has done it again!  There really is no stopping this freight train.  Currently, social media marketing on Facebook ads allows business pages to target their audience based on location and language.  But, according to TechCrunch, Facebook is developing more organic targeting options for your Facebook advertising.  The information from TechCrunch referred to new targeting options such as of Age, Gender, Relationship Status, Education, Workplace, City, and Interested in.

This is a huge announcement and will play a big role in the way social media marketers use their Facebook pages to target their audience. The way it works is for each individual fan you have on your page you can target specific posts to them.  For instance if you are targeting your latest line of women’s shoes, you can target that post specifically women only between the ages of 15-35.  This post will then appear on their mini feed and also on the Facebook page. Men will not see this update on their mini feed but it will still remain on the actual page.

This new marketing tool will only help people who are marketing through Facebook. Ideally, their ads will convert better and the new targeting methods will also help marketers to control costs. Those who use Facebook advertising will be able to write content targeted directly to their ideal consumer.  This unique tool is something to look out for in the upcoming months and will be a real asset to your social media marketing campaign.

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