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Responsive Web DesignYour web design and development directly affects the success of your online business. Any company that isn’t utilizing responsive web design will find their online presence struggle through 2014 and may not make it to 2015. This is why it is important to hire a professional South Florida web design company to assist you through the process.

If you are scratching your head at the term responsive web design, you aren’t alone. This website is laid out so it adjusts to fit the viewing area it is displayed in. Since more people are using tablets, smartphones and computers to access the internet, you can’t use a single website to cater to all your potential visitors. The responsive web design will instead adjust the displayed page so it works perfectly for the desired website.

Fluid grids will be an essential part of the process because they are part of the essential framework to the responsive design. Since screen resolutions are changing all the time, you can’t simply target a couple and call it good. Fluid grids take the traditional liquid layout and improve on the idea. Developers aren’t designing the pages based on percentage values or pixels, but instead it is based on proportions. This allows the screen elements to work on a giant screen or on a handheld device.

For this to work, you need to take the proportions of the different page elements and divide the element by the overall context. Using an image editor tends to be the best choice since you can create a high fidelity variation of images. In this case, having 960 pixels across would be your container. Using that, you can create a layout that works. The formula is target / context = size results. So for a 300 pixel resizing, you would divide 300 / 960 = 31.25% for the necessary proportions. It is important to understand that not all values will be neat. With the varying images, never round up. Instead, take it out as many decimal points as possible to give the best appearance possible.

You will find that the fluid grids will be among the most important parts of your overall responsive design. However, in the case of narrow browsers, options like media queries can help. Using media queries to work in the most common pixel dimensions such as 320 pixels, 480 pixels, 600 pixels, 768 pixels and so on will help you to achieve the results you want.

While the process might sound like an expensive and time-consuming one, a South Florida web design company like BMGcreative can do this for you in a short period of time and well within your budget. Assuming your original design is setup to convert easily, as there may be some exceptions where new web design and development might be necessary to work across multiple platforms.

Considering that in 2014, the bulk of your traffic will come from a portable device, you need to be ready with a mobile friendly layout. People on the go utilize websites to locate local businesses and comparatively shop with online vendors. That means slow load times and difficult to read pages have a negative impact on your business. Avoid becoming a statistic of online evolution and make sure you work with a South Florida web design company to make sure your site is responsive.

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