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Staying on Top of Google’s Algorithm

Keeping up with Google’s frequent changes to its search algorithm is challenging, but critical for your online presence. Nobody knows the exact weight Google applies to each factor it considers, but it is known that google takes into account the quality of the website, the freshness of content, key words used on the site, and hundreds of other factors.

Google explains on its website that “these ranking systems are made up of a series of algorithms that analyze what it is you are looking for and what information to return to you. And as we’ve evolved search to make it more useful, we’ve refined our algorithms to assess your searches and the results in finer detail to make our services work better for you.” But these refinements can certainly pose a conundrum for marketers. Here are some useful tips for tackling Google!

Use Algorithm Tracking Tools  

There are many online tools available that will alert you to changes in the algorithm. Sign up for an email alert and be sure to adjust your SEO in a timely manner whenever an important alert comes through.  There are also volatility indexes that can show the impact of whatever changes were made by Google. The higher the index, the more important it may be to look into the algorithm updates.

Monitor Google Itself

The Google Webmaster blog is a good place to start monitoring to stay in the know. Major updates are sometimes posted to the site, which is located at:  Although this is a reliable source of major changes, google often rolls through changes to their algorithm with no notice.

Google Changes to Have on Your Radar

In early February this year, Google rolled out a major update the SEO industry jokingly named “FRED.” The updated targeted link quality and is also believed to have made changes regarding content quality. Another change to look out for soon is mobile indexing. Mobile readiness should be high priority for all companies. If your site is not mobile ready, the time to update is now. Ignoring the changes to come could negatively impact your business.

Hire an Expert

Keeping up to date on SEO is a full-time project, so if you are unable to dedicate someone full time to the process, outsource to someone who can. Hiring an SEO agency can help you focus on your core business competencies. At BMGcreative we are dedicated to your SEO success and always stay up to date on the latest SEO trends. Contact us at for more information on how we can improve your online presence.