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Rebranding ProcessThe rebranding process can be a huge success or a major fail for your organization.

One of the biggest mistakes an organization can make when they consider the rebranding process is to take it in-house. Rebranding can not be effectively preformed internally for the main reason of too much introspection. It is too hard to effectively evaluate what is working and not working for your organization currently.

Often organizations don’t really know how their brand is perceived with their target market. The rebranding process has to start with the goal of what really does the organization stand for and how they wish to be perceived. This always has to go back to the mission and vision of the organization.

An effective rebranding process will include: company evaluation of mission and vision, research of competition, polls and surveys, internal vetting of the current brand perception, proposals and implementation. Even after the rebranding process is complete there needs to be an evaluation of the effectiveness and perception of the new brand. Gap as an example made a huge mistake in their last rebrand of their logo. They quickly made a public statement just before switching back to the current logo and brand identity.

BMGcreative, a Fort Lauderdale website design and marketing firm, has a niche in the rebranding process and start-up creation for all kinds of companies and non-profits. For a free evaluation of your current brand please contact us.

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Florida web design As you probably already know, every business should have a website, whether it’s an online store or just an information page for your customers. While searching the web on how to go about putting one online for your company, you might get the idea to build it yourself to keep costs down. Although it may seem like a great idea, we promise you that it is best left to the professionals. After all, a web designer probably can’t do your job – because that isn’t what they are good at. Keep reading for some information about why you shouldn’t try to design your own website.

As a Florida web design company, we know the key elements that go into a website that you might miss due to not having enough experience in this field. For starters, your website needs to have a good design and a good layout. The website needs to be eye catching, to draw the customer into the page. Once you get the customer on your website, it is important to keep them there as long as possible by having a well thought out and directive layout that is user friendly. For instance, what kind of key points will your navigation have? Will it have drop downs? Will it go into sub categories after clicking a main link? If you have many pages to go to, will there be breadcrumbs? These questions are only the beginning of what goes into a good web design. There are elements and small details that can be overlooked if you do not have the right structure and planning behind the design you choose.

Choosing a design template off of your hosting company’s “do it yourself” website builder will not do your brand or company justice. By having a professional web designer develop your website, they can help you organize the pages in the best way possible to fit your business needs. And not only can a web designer make your website look awesome, they can get search engines like Google to think your website is a great result to deliver up when people search for products or services like yours by using SEO best practices right from the start…because what good is a great looking website if no one knows it exists?

When you need a great website, contact your local Florida Web Design team here at BMGcreative. We love to help our clients put their best foot forward and make their websites work for them!

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