Fort Lauderdale Website DesignOne key attribute that both large and small businesses have in common is a website. A website is an essential part of your business. You won’t be able to thrive and prosper without one. But a question everyone asks is how much does a website design cost?

There are different ways to buy a website. There’s a cheap fast way that you don’t really tailor and customize to your exact wants and then there’s the professional looking way where the website design cost is more expensive but more effective to convey your company online.

First of all, depending on different Fort Lauderdale website design companies, your website design cost can vary. Some companies offer a full up front payment, others an hourly deposit, and some offer a package payment where your website design cost differs on what kind of pre-made design package you’re looking for. Really it depends on who you go to or what your looking for in a website design cost. But remember this, you get what you pay for. Yes, we’ve all heard that before, but it is the truth when it comes to your website design cost.

If you pay for a tv broadcasted $100 pre-packaged bundle website design cost where you only decide your color and how much pages you want. It won’t compare to a bigger website design cost, of over $5,000. If you don’t have that much money in your budget, then that website design cost may not be right for you at this point.

Keep in mind some Fort Lauderdale website design companies sell website designs that cost up to $5,000 but are really worth a mere $800. Others can have prices around a couple thousand and are really worth up to at least thirty or forty thousand! It’s important to contact previous customers and clients that the web designer has dealt with in the past and consider their advice; Were they satisfied with what they got? Did they really like the way the website turned out for them.

Basically, It all depends on what type of website you’re looking for: To make a fresh start, to put your company on the market, or really just to look professional. A website is an important part in the life and growth of your business’s future. Just know what you’re looking for or what you can afford.

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A good web design is key when it comes to any company who wants to be taken seriously. Your website design or the “look” of your website sends a message to your online visitors (and potential customers) – and that could lead to a very positive outcome or a very negative one if your design isn’t up to par. Users on the internet today view the quality of a company’s website as a direct correlation to the quality of the company itself. An unprofessional website may cause people to think your company is unprofessional or untrustworthy. A great web design, however – one that is modern, user friendly, and easy to navigate – tells online visitors that you care about their experience on your website and you want to earn their business. Your website and its overall design should instill trust and be professional above all else!

Your company could be an all-star company for current customers, but to the masses out on the vast plains of the internet, a bad web design (or a website template that has been used over and over again) could have them searching elsewhere. Sometimes our clients do ask us if we would use a template to cut costs. Our answer is simple: No. It may be cheaper upfront and seem like an easy solution, however, it is not unique to your needs and can cause problems in the long run. And think about it: Do you want your company’s competitor or some other company down the street to have a website that looks just like yours? Because the bottom line is that anyone could buy the same template. Not only that, but who is to say that you will find a template that suits all the needs of your company and deliver a clear message to users about what it is your company is about? With a custom website design built just for your needs, you are guaranteed to have a site unlike any other that pushes your company to new heights.

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Fort Lauderdale Web Design We often hear from our clients that they will pay more for a good design. They don’t want web design templates downloaded from some pre-generated theme, they want a custom website design that is built just for them and which has all of the custom features they want and need. Think about it, if you want to attract the largest number of viewers, being unique is a great way to get noticed.

Of course, there are hundreds of Fort Lauderdale web design companies who can help you with your website, however, many of these “web solution companies” use pre-designed templates or outdated designs to develop their clients’ websites. This instantly takes away the uniqueness of a website and fails to make it “stand out from the crowd” so to speak. In this way, you will also fail to grab the attention of your site’s visitors.

Your web design company should be willing to literally think outside the box to create a design which will be aesthetically pleasing to your target audience. At BMGcreative, we do not use pre-generated web design templates. We provide our clients with custom web designs they will be proud to launch. We love having local clients who want to work with a Fort Lauderdale web design team so we can meet, have coffee, and discuss what their needs are so ultimately, we can deliver the perfect combination of design and functionality.

The message of good design is that you are keeping your customer in mind, and they are your top priority. This is how companies can truly differentiate themselves, better than any other method right now. To put it simply, good web design is a new form of marketing that it is time for you to consider.

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Your old website needs an upgrade!

Go from this…

Website Redesign Checklist

If your website is outdated, it is time for a fresh design that speaks to your target audience. When it comes to a website redesign, something new and different, even radically so, can really transform your site into something spectacular that you can be proud to show your customers. There are several reasons you may want to update your web design – whether it is to move to a CMS (content management system) or because you are rebranding or just because you want something that is current and relevant. If you do not know exactly where to begin, we can help! We’ve created this Website Redesign checklist to make your job a heck of a lot easier.

1. Benchmarking your current website’s metrics.

This is important so that you can set some future goals and know where you started vs. where you are heading. Record or track the number of visits, visitors, time spent on the site, bounce rate, SEO rankings for your keywords, number of leads you are getting, and if applicable, the amount of sales you are getting on a month to month basis.

2. Set goals.

Be very clear about why you need a website redesign and link that to results you can measure. Do you want to convert more sales? Do you want to incorporate something that is not already there? Do you need better SEO? Do you need more flexibility?

3. Avoid losing current keyword rankings.

Find out which pages are ranked highly for the most important keywords and ensure those are kept in tact when your new site launches. If this important step is not taken, you will have to start all over again to get to the top of the search engine result pages!

A website redesign can make your website a better experience for visitors.

…to this!


4. Create valuable content that your target market is searching for.

While your new website design is being completed, take that time to revamp your current website content with fresh, new copy that will be of great value to your visitors. Remember, the more relevant and informative your content is, the more your visitors will value your site and the more the search engines will love it. Don’t forget the all important Calls to Action!

5. Incorporate a Blog

If you haven’t already jumped on the blogging bandwagon, now is the time to start. The constant updated content is excellent for SEO and driving traffic to your site and gives you the “street cred” you deserve. Be the authority in your industry and let your competitors and customers know you mean business! Make sure your new website design includes a blog that you can easily update yourself.

Try not to get caught up only with how your site will look – focus on how it will work for your needs to ensure the best end result.

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Web Design Fort LauderdaleHave you ever considered what your customers think is important when it comes to your website? If not – then you may not be effectively hitting your target audience when it comes to your web design.

A recent survey showed that men respond positively to a web design when the site works very fast and that women tend to value the ease of use of a given web design. If your target audience are children, it is important to know that most kids will not even start exploring a website until it has fully loaded. Teenagers have been shown to have a more difficult time figuring out how to use a website than an average adult web user. Those using the internet via mobile devices who are 45 and older are less patient than other age groups when it comes to page load times.

While some of these statistics may seem crazy, they do come from real surveys and studies performed by credible sources. And this is exactly why web design is not “one-size-fits-all”. You should be paying close attention to who your target audience really is. It is important to know who is coming to your website and why & to be strategic and purposeful in your web design.

Here are three steps any website owner & online marketer should take – especially if you are considering a website redesign:

1. Research your audience – You probably have an idea of what type of people visit your website. The next step is to gather data on who they are and how they are using your website and the internet in general. You can use Google Analytics to analyze behavior on your website. You can even do your own survey at the end of your sales process to find out more detailed information about your customers.

2. Test your website in the real world – Use A/B testing to find out what works better. Try different copy on similar landing pages. Try different colors and calls to action. Tweak until you reach your sweet spot!

3. Use a Professional – Web design fort lauderdale is full of people promising cheap websites and trying to make a fast buck. Using a professional web design team, especially one that is local, will ensure a better result and a more strategic design. If your website isn’t delivering the ROI you had hoped for, it is time to make a change!

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