Is Top 10 Search Engine Ranking Important?

While Google isn’t totally transparent with how websites are ranked on their SERPS, Matt Cutts has at some point in the past told the public on multiple blogs that a website’s load time and speed does have some bearing on rank. Why is this? Matt Cutts tells us that it is due to the fact that fast websites makes online searchers happy. It is very cut and dry. top 10 search engine rankings

Moz did a recent study,  which was carried out by Matt Peters and Zoompf which examined the connection between the load times and speed of websites site speed along with their rankings on Google. Their results confirmed that site speed truly does matter as it pertains to rank, and of course, if you want to know if top 10 search engine ranking is important, just ask all the companies who are vying for page 1 position and paying hundreds of dollars a month to get there.

When building a business website, it is important to find a good balance between user friendly and search engine friendly. The site has to be easy to navigate with great content, but it also needs to be coded properly to performs well on search engines for optimal rankings.

SEO and usability of a website are both important. Top 10 search engine rankings are important for your most searched keywords – hands down. The profitable keywords that will convert visitors to customers need to be found on the first page of search engines but when those users get to your website, it needs to be fast and function well. When your site is done correctly and with the best intentions, SEO and usability will work together to have a great end result.

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