Custom Website Application Development

Custom website application development can be an extremely powerful tool for your business. There are two types of custom website application development that can be useful to your company. There are applications that are developed for internal use by staff or front-end applications that interact with the public generally for sales or providing a service.

Internal custom website applications

If you are looking for an internal application that helps increase efficiency and workflow they can be very robust, fully integrating with your entire operation. The most difficult part of building a custom website application is full discovery before any development is started. BMGcreative excels at asking all the right questions to think through every detail before implementing any kind of development or design. Internal-use applications are extremely tailored to the specific needs and function of an organization. They can greatly increase efficiency, manage workflow, work as a dashboard for metrics, or even automate manual data entry and reporting.

Customer driven website applications

If you are looking for a front end-user or customer website application for development the thought process works a little differently. There are just as many questions you should ask with many different types of user facing custom websites.  Front end developments are a little different and the following should be considered:

  • It should tie into back-end functionality
  • Exactly how should users be directed in using the application
  • Functionality should be consistent with current web trends and online technologies
  • Does it tie into any other third party applications
  • What responsibilities for maintenance and upkeep are involved for your staff or web developer
  • What are the growth strategies if any for long-term continual development
  • Server-side technologies needed to run in an optimal environment
  • Annual budgets for updates for security patches

Many necessary questions crossover from custom website application development into business development and operations. BMGcreative specializes in and works with many startups businesses. This gives us the advantage of over 20 years experience of understanding business startup and growth strategy. We have helped countless businesses grow from the ground up. Partnering with companies gives us the insight to help you and your company grow by knowing the right questions to ask.

Our process for doing any kind of custom website development involves a paid discovery session that clearly identifies functionality, objectives and goals and builds the blueprint. If you’re looking for a fast quote and a quick build on a custom website application without the proper due diligence, you are most likely not going to have success.

A good custom website application can be worth more than a full-time employee by increasing efficiency and automating workflow. Every business is unique and every custom website application should be tailored to your specific need. A good marketing agency can help you plan for long time growth and flexibility for the long run.

If you are questioning whether you need a custom website application for your business or not please contact us, we would love to have you over for a cup of coffee and explore the opportunities.