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White Sands Haircare

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White Sands Haircare

Social Media, SEO 

White Sands is a professional hair care company committed to the hairdresser and the consumer. For over 20 years they have delivered the best performing and innovative hair care products in the world.  Their products have been used by both celebrities and Hollywood sets like Scandal, Young & The Restless, Pretty Little Liars.

They approached BMG for a SEO and a fresh & consistent approach to their organic social media and to grow their followers.  They are a San Diego based company so we provided a feed that is very representational of a California/Hollywood vibe.  We also make use of reposting relevant content and giveaways to not only bolster brand loyalty but to validate their products based on real customer’s content.

White Sands Haircare

White Sands Haircare

April 19, 2020