Why Good Web Design is Important

good web designWebsites are all about the functionally for the user. Online searchers will go to a website for many reasons such as buying products, getting information on a particular topic, or even interaction with multiple users in the case of social networking, etc.  But, even if a website can do all these fancy functions, it’s useless without a good web design.  Most website visitors will stay on a website for only a couple of seconds if they don’t find the website to be professional, user friendly, and trustworthy. This all happens sometimes by just one look. A good web design should be eye catching, have personality, and most importantly be user friendly & easy to navigate to the content the visitor is looking for. What good is a website if your user can’t navigate through the site quickly & easily?

Websites do better when they have an original design and layout, compared to a template site that has a cookie cutter layout. While a website template may seem like a quick easy solution, the exact same template – color scheme and all – will be used by many other companies. With a web design template, there is only so much modification you can do it make it look different. With a custom web design, you are giving your website the chance to be original and unique because the ultimate goal is to stand out from  your competitors.

People like to look at visuals; they are drawn to how a website  makes them feel when visiting.  Think about the message you want to deliver your potential customers when they come to your website before deciding what your web design needs are. You can truly provide a website which builds a relationship with your client, that makes them want to come back because they trust you and like the experience they had.

If you are planning a re-do of your current website, check out this helpful Website Redesign Checklist to help you get started.

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