Why SEO is a Must for a Successful Marketing Plan

Why SEO is a Must for a Successful Marketing Plan

It is fierce competition out there in the marketing world. Thanks to the internet, many businesses are able to start up and get themselves out there; the keyword is many. With so many businesses fighting for attention in Google search results — it is important to have an SEO plan for successful marketing. Investing in an SEO marketing agency can pay off in a big way in the long term.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is one of the most effective ways for a business to gain clicks. Think about it — how often do you view the second or third page of google? Many people look at the top results and do not even consider what lies beyond. As you can imagine, being among the top of the first page of search results is critical.

"Investing in an SEO marketing agency can pay off in a big way"

How SEO Can Help

The algorithm Google uses to determine what websites rank higher than others is a bit complicated, but also understandable enough that we have a good idea of how different elements affect rankings drastically.

As touched on earlier, SEO is a highly competitive element in marketing. If you type in a specific type of store or restaurant, you are going to get page after page of results relating to the words searched. Many websites are aiming for the same thing; being visible and so it is critical to know what Google checks for when ranking websites and build around that.

What Affects Rankings

You might know about SEO in regard to written pieces. SEO style articles are specifically designed to get a website up in the rankings when someone searches for a keyword. If you are running a website with blog posts/guides, it is a good idea to work with keywords that will benefit traffic flow.

This is not all, Google checks for the overall quality of a website. Things like layout, quality of written content, how knowledgeable and trustworthy the website is, and whether there are any videos posted will affect the algorithm in some fashion. Catering your website around this will make a huge difference in your visibility.

For example, if you are running a bike shop: You might want to include detailed how-to and safety tips on your website as well as explaining the differences between different types of bicycles and what they are best suited for. Doing this while working in keywords people search for will give you a much higher chance in your search ranking. Along with this, you can include videos showing how to do certain things and have a page explaining your business and a little about yourself.

Google checks for the best experience for users overall, even though it is a highly competitive market — you can see what your competitors are doing and take action based on that.

It may not be easy optimizing a website for SEO, there is never a straight-up guarantee you will land the first page on Google even if you feel you have done everything that should have helped attain that goal. That is why we are here to help.

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