Why Website Security Maintenance is Crucial for Your Business

On average, 30,000 sites are hacked a day due to poor website security. Is your’s next?


website security, website maintenanceWhatever kind of business you engage in, a stable website will be essential to ensure that you can engage with your audience and generate valuable leads that can be converted into sales. Your website should be informative and compelling, but perhaps just as importantly, it should be secure. Security is a challenge that all website owners face today. Constant threat of hackers, malicious software or even accidental loss of data mean an unsecured website could end up costing you money and, in the worst case scenario, lead to crippling setbacks for your business. Finding the right company to help you secure your website is not just good business; it’s necessary.

Common Threats You Will Face When Doing Business Online


Compromised Data
One common security threat that can be present across multiple areas of your online business is the risk of unauthorized access. Your website and your server will typically contain significant amounts of sensitive data. This data could range from customer information to sensitive documents and business plans, and even financial information. Website security should include robust access controls that are governed by a widespread security policy. Important questions that should be asked:

  • Who has access to your servers and why?
  • Do you have appropriate user level access in place to ensure that staff and third party associates only have access to information that is directly related to their roles?
  • Is administrator level access limited, even within your own organization?

Loss of  Service
There are also security threats that can come from outside of your organization, which may be malicious in nature without specifically targeting information. These threats could result in your website going offline, compromising your ability to conduct business. Denial of Service attacks, commonly referred to as DOS, are relatively commonplace and have the potential to affect any server connected to the internet. Denial of Service attacks work by overloading your server with incoming traffic. This influx of data can have implications ranging from slow server response and poor user experience to servers completely shutting down when resources reach maximum utilization. When a Denial of Service attack happens, it is important to act fast to minimize downtime and prevent damage to servers. Active monitoring of server connections may give you valuable information on how and, more importantly, who is sending the Denial of Service.

Phishing Scams
Phishing is another security threat which does not directly impact your server or your business computers but will instead target your customers. Phishing usually comes in the form of emails that are designed to look as if they originated from your company. They will seek to gain personal information, such as financial details or usernames and passwords. This may lead to compromised accounts and fraudulent transactions that your customers have not authorized. Although it is impossible to prevent phishing attacks, it is possible to provide your customers with the right information and verification steps that will help them distinguish your official communications from those that have originated from malicious sources.

Getting Hacked
Rogue code also has the potential to wreak havoc on your website. Malicious code can be implemented on your pages or even on the backend code of an e-commerce server. This code can allow access for unauthorized parties. In many cases, these ‘backdoors’ are implemented from viruses on your computer, but in some cases, they are even left behind by unscrupulous web developers. This is why it is so important to ensure that you have engaged with the right website security professionals. Be wary of any code/plugins found online, and be sure to  perform regular website maintenance and auditing.


Website Maintenance Can Prevent Common Website Security Threats

In addition to ensuring that you have a trusted web hosting provider and that you develop your site with reputable professionals, you will also need to perform regular website maintenance. Maintenance will ensure that all aspects of your online presence are kept up to date with industry best practices.

Essential maintenance should include the following;

  • Regular backups to ensure you can recover your website in case of catastrophic loss.
  • Regular updates for any website plugins that you are using.
  • Regular CMS updates. Content management systems are regularly patched to counter vulnerabilities and emerging website security threats.
  • Antivirus software should be active on your site and your server.
  • DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection should be implemented on your server.
  • Access should be monitored and granted on a per user basis. Restricted databases (personal and financial information) should be encrypted and protected by limited access.
  • Data should be collected and stored as historical data can help to highlight vulnerabilities, which can be patched and mitigated with future website security updates.

Through regular website maintenance and best website security practices, you can ensure that your business is protected from current and future threats. BMGcreative can help you establish your web presence and keep it protected, so you can continue to grow your business without interference from malicious and disruptive software. Contact us today to discuss how our unique approach can work for your company.


Website Security and Maintenance – Keeping Your Business Safe

Can you afford website downtime? Are you prepared for the threats of data loss, information theft or malicious software that seeks to disrupt your business? Security threats are ever present when you do business online, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be at the mercy of hackers and rogue software. With the right approach to website security, you can be prepared for any event, and limit the impact that threats have on your site.

There are approximately 82,000 new malware threats created every day, and this is not the only type of threat that your website faces…

  • Unauthorized access can compromise sensitive client data.
  • Phishing emails can result in fraudulent transactions and dissatisfied customers.
  • Denial of Service attacks can cripple your website, effectively closing your doors for business.
  • Is your data backed up? Ineffective backups can compromise days, or even weeks of work.
  • Outdated plugins and CMS software could be exposing you to thousands of known vulnerabilities.

Simply knowing the risks is not enough. You need to know exactly what to do to protect your business, and even this can take a significant investment in time and learning. If you want to ensure that your site is protected from threats now, and any that emerge in the future, your best option is to seek assistance from a leading marketing, web development and security company that will take steps to protect your online business interests.

The right company will ensure that your site is always backed up, that you’re always running the latest software, and that there are systems in place to prevent unauthorized access, malicious software, and other website security threats. BMGcreative can ensure that you are protected in any case.

  • Have peace of mind knowing that your business is safe.
  • Save time, as you won’t need to learn the intricacies of website maintenance and security.
  • Leverage the best marketing and security minds in the business.

You may be asking yourself, can’t I do it all myself? The simple answer is yes, but the more complicated answer would be; yes, with much learning, trial and error, research, cost and stress. You run your business and you do it well, so why not take on a security partner that can provide effective website security and maintenance, for no additional time investment on your behalf.

Reduce downtime, eliminate viruses, protect your data and protect your customers. This is what you will achieve when you choose BMGcreative as your website security partner.

Don’t be caught out by the ever present online security threats. Protect your business and protect your bottom line. When the costs of ignoring security are so high, the investment that you will make on maintenance simply makes sense. Talk to us today to find out more, and take the first step towards a more secure, and more successful business.